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Handmade timber furniture is an interior eyecatcher

After two decades of mastering the accomplished craft of quality carpentry, Owen Monro set sail to solid ground to create quality custom furniture. When he opened our doors to Monro Designed Furniture, just over three years ago, he bid his life as a master carpenter on the world’s most luxurious superyachts sailing the seas of the world farewell. He followed another dream. The dream to create custom made furniture at affordable prices so that we can share the luxurious feel of his unique artistry. 

Timber planter with plant

What You Can Expect From monro designed Furniture Regarding Custom Wood Furniture

Carpentry items created according to your dreams, your spatial requirements and in the wooden finish which you prefer, all come to fruition with us.

  • You’ll be dealing directly with the creative mind and skilled hands behind your custom-built furniture. The clear path of communication without any restrictions of having to deal with salespeople eliminates any possibility of lost information. It allows you to clearly express what you are looking for and provides for even last-minute changes to your designs.
  • Another benefit of working with a small business like ours is the highly appreciated updates which we give throughout all our projects. We keep you in the loop of the entire process as it progresses. Hence, the process is much more personal as you are intimately involved in the creation process.
  • Our passion and commitment are towards delivering excellence in quality and design. Custom designer furniture which will last for several generations as it develops from a practical yet decorative showpiece in your home into a family heirloom.

Related Services We Provide to Custom Office Furniture

Custom furniture in your office is more than merely comfort and quality combined. It also expresses a level of stature and maybe even instils respect in the patrons to your premises.

  • As your reputable custom furniture makers, we are proud of every piece of specifically designed furniture that leaves our hands to bring pleasure and comfort to you. Our creations have found homes all over Newcastle, Sydney, and the entire NSW Central Coast area. We also know that the need for quality furniture is not limited to office spaces. Hence our range of handmade furniture is not limited to one unique kind.
  • Depending on the size of the design we are crafting, the entire production process might take place at your premises or ours. Our portfolio includes various smaller items such as chairs and tables created to perfection, uniquely designed bookshelves and other timeless pieces of designer furniture. No size is ever too big or too small.
  • Giving an entire room a makeover is another creative possibility available to you. We can create bespoke kitchen cabinets and countertops, which reflect your personality and brings practical solutions. Wooden features in your bathroom bring a relaxing natural ambience to unwind in after a long and stressful day. Hence, we design our beautiful timber vanities to suit your style and specific spatial requirements.

Timber Cabinet with plant on top

Why monro designed Furniture is Cost-effective

Putting a price to any quality item can be challenging, to say the least. Yet when we state that our articles are affordable, it is in no way implying that it is cheap. Affordability refers to paying less than expected for quality beyond expectation. It’s about cutting out the middle man, sourcing our material directly from quality suppliers and going the extra mile to be able to deliver premium quality at cost-effective pricing.

When monro designed Furniture opened our doors, it was with the desire and the goal to make our passion for quality, designer wooden furniture accessible to a segment of the market which ordinarily wouldn’t be able to afford it. Now, many more can enjoy the beauty of bespoke furniture. More can reap the benefits of the value of longevity and the traditions which attach themselves over time to pieces of memorabilia which become part of your family’s identity.

You too, can add a quality designer piece of furniture to your family’s history and heritage. Contact us and book your initial meeting to discuss your dreams with Owen and make them a reality.