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For nearly four years monro designed Furniture has been creating bespoke furniture at affordable prices such as our custom timber vanities for customers based in Central Coast, Newcastle, or Sydney. From naturally sustainable sources, we bring forth furniture designs which makes your dreams a reality and will last you a lifetime.

Timber vanity with white sink and clothes hung up

What Sets monro designed Furniture Apart Regarding Timber Vanities

From the hands of our master cabinet maker, Owen Monro comes the most magnificently crafted furniture from natural wood to suit your furniture dreams.

  • Owen has more than 20 years of success in his craft behind his name. During this time, his hands became skilled in various styles of carpentry. Hence, our crafted furniture is often infused with a French or English flair. The core of our business is to create timeless pieces according to your specific requirements, uniquely crafted just for you.
  • We can offer you the service of affordable custom furniture because you buy directly from us. No middle man means no additional costs and expands the opportunity to furnish your home with only the most desirable furniture such as our custom timber vanity.
  • Since we are a rather small team, you deal directly with the creator of your vision. You have direct access to make changes and express your wants without the need to deal with any salespeople. We also take care to keep you updated with the progress of your project at all times.

We craft our timeless pieces with care for the wood and passion for the trade.

What You Can Expect From monro designed Furniture Regarding Your Timber Vanity

In a few easy steps, you can get the ball rolling to make your d├ęcor desires a reality.

  • During your initial contact session, you will have the opportunity to discuss all your needs for your custom vanity. We will touch on the specific wood you want, the availability of space and the style. The next step after your session is a site visit. During this visit, we can take proper measurements and make final changes if needed.
  • Soon you can expect to receive your final design. Our flexibility as a small business supports our customer-centred approach, and you can even at this stage, still make some changes. It is only once you are entirely content with the design that we will proceed to create your design.
  • The final steps in the process are the installation of your vanity and to see how you fall in love with your perfectly created, timeless piece of furniture.
Long dark timber floating bathroom vanity

About monro designed Furniture

After sailing the seas of the world caring for and maintaining the sophisticated wood elements on superyachts, Owen returned to solid ground. Upon his return, monro designed Furniture opened our doors to deliver uniquely crafted quality furniture to the world. Our craft is driven by passion, quality and care. We always aim to minimise the cost to provide magnificent furniture at affordable prices.

You can share in our passion for wood crafted beauty. Contact us, and let's discuss what we can create for your home.